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After a year of hard work at school, summer is the perfect time to let our hair down, enjoy, and live carefree lives, even just for a few weeks. Even people of the workforce take time off from the grueling work life and take a few days for themselves and chill.

Now that summer is just right around the corner, it is time to make sure that our beach essentials are complete and spic and span. One summer essential for surfing (Obviously) that we should never forget is surfboards.

Best surfboard brands


How to Wax a Surfboard

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Surfboard wax is necessary for some surfboards. It provides you traction and grip to your surfboard. If you are not familiar with surfing, without traction and grip, your riding experience will no longer be surfing, but walking on ice. To make sure that you don’t experience this, let me teach you how to wax a surfboard.

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