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Atoll Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board Review

Whether you want a break from traditional surfing or are just looking for a fun new water activity to try with your friends, you should give serious consideration to stand-up paddle boarding. Like any sport, water-based or otherwise, stand-up paddle boarding requires quality equipment to be properly enjoyed, which is why we recommend anybody hoping to fully experience SUP to expand their budget in order to get a reliable board.

The inflatable stand-up paddle board from Atoll Board Company more than fits the bill and we’re going to be examining everything it has to offer in this in-depth review.


Is an Inflatable Board a Smart Choice?

When you enter the market for a stand-up paddle board, one of the first things you’re going to have to do is decide if you want to go with an inflatable stand-up paddle board or a more traditional hard alternative. Inflatable boards and hard boards both have a unique set of pros and cons.

Perhaps the most notable benefit of going with an iSUP board over a solid alternative is the former’s portability. An inflatable stand-up paddle board can be deflated when not in use and stored in a travel backpack for easy transportation. For this reason, we generally recommend those searching for a stand-up paddle board ahead of a vacation go the inflatable route. Believe it or not, iSUP boards are actually more durable than hard stand-up paddle boards. This is because an inflatable board, unlike a solid alternative, cannot be damaged by a drop or knock.

A high-quality inflatable stand-up paddle board is going to set you back quite a bit, but is affordable compared to a high-quality hard stand-up paddle board. Many of the stand-up paddle boarders who choose to spend the upwards of $700 that an impressive hard board usually goes for do so for the heightened performance. Hard boards promise greater maneuverability and speed than inflatable ones and are significantly better suited to extended SUP sessions.

The Perfect Compromise

Atoll Board Company has been responsible for some of the most noteworthy paddle boards in recent memory, but few have been more impressive than the brand’s inflatable stand-up paddle board. An ultra-light 11-foot SUP board, this latest offering from Atoll Board Company ensures the rider moves through the water rapidly with minimal effort on their part. Meanwhile, its military-grade PVC construction virtually eradicates the risk of rips and tears and gives the board an almost staggering maximum capacity of 350 pounds, making it a popular choice among juvenile and adult stand-up paddle boarders alike.

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The Flagship iSUP

Atoll Boards has become the go-to manufacturer of many an experienced stand-up paddle boarder, so novices can be confident they are getting a product designed by an industry leader regardless of which Atoll model they purchase. That being said, the 11-foot inflatable stand-up paddle board is very clearly the brand’s flagship iSUP.

Hinging their reputation on the inflatable stand-up paddle board, Atoll Board Company spared no expense and cut no corners in the manufacturing of the board. The board’s aforementioned military grade PVC construction renders it virtually indestructible, while 15 on-deck D-rings make for easy tethering. Despite being 6 inches thick and 32 inches wide with two layers of PVC, the Atoll Board Company Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board comes in at 40% lighter than the average iSUP board.

Many people who consider purchasing this board are put off by its high price. Generally selling for slightly over $600, this is certainly more expensive than most other inflatable stand-up paddle boards, but Atoll Boards ensures those who purchase it get their money’s worth by packaging it with a series of accessories to complement its many features.

Among the accessories included with the Atoll Board Company Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board is a three-piece paddle and nylon blade. Sleek and lightweight despite its aluminum body, this paddle allows the wielder to propel themselves through the water and can be held for extended periods of time without strain on the arms, furthering this board’s usefulness in lengthy sessions of SUP exploration.

You will also receive a branded Atoll Board Company hand pump for speedy inflation of the board, along with a heavy-duty nylon backpack to ensure its safe and simple transportation.

Use Any Fins

The Atoll Board Company Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board boasts a handy universal fin box, which means surfers can attach any fins to the board, aftermarket or otherwise.

 Fins can be easily removed and attached to the board through a process which requires no tools, so you won’t have to worry about spending extra cash on additional equipment to ensure attachment. Furthermore, this board’s tri-fin design allows for greater maneuverability and more efficient tracking.
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While the Atoll Board Company Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board is certainly a little more expensive than many alternative paddle boards, the vast majority who have made the just under $600 purchase insist that it is more than worth the money. Promising the best of both worlds, this iSUP board boasts the durability and portability which has made inflatable boards so popular, as well as the sturdiness and optimal performance which drives so many experienced stand-up paddle boarders towards solid alternatives.

With its universal fin box, the inflatable stand-up paddle board can be altered according to the needs and preferences of the rider, meaning it will evolve with you as you progress as a stand-up paddle boarder. Meanwhile, its three-piece paddle and heavy-duty nylon travel backpack, along with its other included accessories, ensure even the novice stand-up paddle boarder has everything they need to master the sport right out of the box.

 These many accessories eliminate the need for setting aside extra cash to purchase additional equipment, so even with its high price tag the Atoll Board Company Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board may prove less expensive than separately purchasing your board, paddle, and similar accessories.