Best Longboard Surfboards: Top 5 Recommendations

No matter if you are a beginner in surfing, or just want to sharpen your skills, getting a longboard surfboard is an excellent decision. It allows you to surf at a slower pace, while still providing the thrill, adrenaline, and athletic challenge. A longboard surfboard provides a specific experience that you shouldn’t miss.

However, choosing the right surfboard might not always be the simplest thing to do. That’s why in this article we will present you with the best longboards surfboard options. Most of them are great for those on a budget. To find the one that suits you best, be sure to consider each of the models that we have reviewed below with their features, pros, and cons. Let's get right to it so that you can hit the beach and start surfing those waves!

Comparison Chart

Soft Top Surfboard by South Bay Board Co.

Wave Bandit Ben Gravy 6’0 Performer

Liquid Shredder FSE Soft 9-Feet Surfboard

Wavestorm 8′ Classic Pinline Surfboard

Catch Surf Odysea Log Tri 8ft Surfboard

Best Longboard Surfboard Reviews

Soft Top Surfboard by South Bay Board Co.

When talking about longboard surfboards, this is definitely the first that we should mention. It’s designed especially for beginners, and you can buy it in three different sizes and multiple colors. Therefore, you can find a 7-ft Ruccus, 8-ft Verve, and 8’8-ft Heritage surfboards. Although it’s a bit expensive, it offers numerous great features that shouldn’t be overlooked.

All of the options are incredibly durable and performance-focused. Also, the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It means that if you don’t like the surfboard within the first 30 days, you are allowed to return it and get a refund. As some of the surfers who returned the item state, the company returns the money with no further questioning.

No matter which option you choose, they are all wax-free! However, that’s not the only feature that these surfboards provide. Also, all of them have an HDPE bottom deck, Closed-Cell EPS molded foam core with custom designed shapes, and a rubber tail bumper.

As you will notice at the very first glance, this is an ideal option for beginners. On the other hand, even if you are a pro, you will be able to sharpen your longboarding skills with this surfboard significantly. This means that you can learn new tricks and keep yourself sharp and fit using this longboard.

There is only one downside that we noticed about this surfboard. The problem is that sometimes, the leash just doesn’t stay on the board. Especially if you are surfing on big waves, the leash can detach pretty often. On the other hand, if you don’t find it to be an extremely big problem, you should definitely check out this surfboard. It has everything that a great surfboard should have.


  • check
    High-quality materials
  • Rubber tail bumper
  • Incredibly tough and durable
  • Wax-free
  • 30-days return policy


  • Low-quality leash attachment

Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Performer

Wave Bandit is a great surfboard for surfers of all skill levels. It is made of buoyant EPS foam, which allows easy wave catching and has an ideal shape for easier maneuvering in any wave type. Also, you will notice that this surfboard has a bit of a narrow tail. It means that chances for digging rails are much lower.

Also, it’s a bit wider and thicker than a casual surfboard, meaning that beginners will find it easier to surf and catch waves than with most of the other boards. Basically, it means that this surfboard is very easy to use for both normal surfing and extreme maneuvers.

A great thing about this surfboard is its durability. It has a double maple wood stinger, which allows it to maintain its shape and integrity while at the same time being resistant to damage. The foam core it’s made of is waterproof and prevents water from entering the bottom deck. Furthermore, it is also UV and scratch-resistant. Even after a long time of using it, it will look like you have just bought it.

Also, we shouldn’t forget how cool it looks. The truth is, it is sold in only one variant, but it’s excellent. With its green-yellowish color and lots of pineapple motifs, it really looks tropical. Even having it in your room will remind you of those great times you spent at the beach and riding the waves.

On the other hand, not being able to choose from multiple colors might be considered a downside. Maybe you would like to enjoy the great functionality that this surfboard offers, but you don’t like the color. Unfortunately, you are then left with no other choice than to look for a different surfboard.

However, if you like the design, with the great quality that this surfboard provides, it’s your ideal choice. Be sure to check it out!


  • check
    Ideal for all skill levels
  • Allows easy wave catching and easy maneuvering
  • Very durable and strong
  • UV and scratch-resistant
  • Cool looking


  • Only one color option to choose from

Liquid Shredder FSE Soft Surfboard

Unlike the previous one, this surfboard is being sold in three different color combinations to choose from. However, it has a very simple and minimalist design, which you will either like a lot or not like at all. The fact is that most of today’s items, not only surfboards, tend to have a minimalist look.

Although it is named “Shredder”, with its length of 9 feet, it is more like a cruiser. It might not be perfect for some incredible maneuvers, but it’s excellent at achieving high speeds. Instead of using an HDPE bottom that many surfboards have, the manufacturer decided to use a simple Polypropylene bottom instead.

This resulted in a surfboard that is not too rigid. Also, two wooden stingers and a center stinger of fiberglass help re-balance the materials, which is excellent. It directly affects the surfing simplicity, which is essential for all level surfers.

The one thing that we noticed is the speed of this surfboard. It’s surprisingly fast for a foam board. You can paddle with ease, while it glides across the wave with no effort. It is the result of its bottom made of PP, and the board shape, which reminds you of a torpedo. It also includes fins for the 3-fin setup. However, if you want a leash, you will have to buy it separately. It’s the rule that applies for most of the Liquid Shredder surfboards.


  • check
    Ideal for achieving high speeds
  • Awesome look
  • The minimalist design and torpedo-like shape
  • Maintains a perfect materials balance


  • The leash is sold separately

Wavestorm 8’ Classic Pinline Surfboard

This surfboard is very popular in the market and is easily recognized by its color combination. The combination of blue and white looks fantastic and really fits the sea environment. The first thing that we should mention is that this surfboard is ideal for everyone who wants to learn how to surf. It is very easy to stand up on it, and chances for falling are much lower when compared to other similar surfboards.

This board is not ideal for doing some incredible maneuvers, but it’s excellent for entry-level surfboarders. It’s cheap and easy to use. If you are a pro who wants to do cool maneuvers, you should look for another surfboard from the list.

As you will notice at first glance, the board is pretty big. Basically, it is designed to float on water easily and properly glide as you paddle. Its shape prevents surfers from nose-diving, and after the very first use, you will notice how easy it is to stand on it. Additionally, it requires no waxing, and feels very soft on the feet and chest, due to the materials it is made of.

Another great thing about this board is that it is made of high-quality materials. It is pretty much lightweight, but on the other hand, it’s designed to withstand prolonged use and last for a long time. The board also comes with a few extra accessories. When you order it, you will also get an inclusive stamp pad, a leash, and three fins made of plastic.

It’s an excellent choice for new surfers since surfing for beginners has never been easier. Even when you master the beginner surfing skills with this board, you will want to use it for quite some time.

The only downside about this surfboard is the maneuverability. It is great for beginners and allows you to stand on it for a long time without falling down. However, it leads to decreased maneuverability, which means that this surfboard is only beginner-related. If you are a professional surfer, this board is not for you. The truth is that it doesn’t provide enough excitement for professional surfers, and it might lead to boredom pretty quick.


  • check
    It doesn’t require waxing
  • Very soft on the feet and chest
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • The best choice for beginners


  • Decreased manoeuvrability compared to most of the other boards

Catch Surf Odysea Log Tri Surfboard

In the end, we shouldn’t forget about another surfboard ideal for both beginners and pros. It has a classic look, a dual-composite core, and triple wood stingers. The bottom is made of HDPE, is equipped with a bumper tail, and comes with a three-fin set and a leash plug. A great thing about this surfboard is that it has been thoroughly tested by real surfers in California, and has received excellent feedback.

Also, no matter which board size you prefer, you will find the right-sized Odysea board. These boards are sold in four sizes, between 6 and 9 feet, which leaves plenty of variants to choose from. However, if you are a beginner, you should choose at least an 8-foot long surfboard. Another great thing is that these boards are specially designed to deliver surprising levels of performance and still look amazing with their graphic slicks.

In terms of cons, the only thing that can be considered a downside is the thinner midsection. It leads to having less balance than with a traditional hardtop surfboard. On the other hand, a thinner middle is excellent for easier turning, despite providing less balance. In the end, we can state that this is definitely a great surfboard, so be sure to check it out!


  • check
    Ideal for both beginners and pros
  • Dual composite core and triple wood stingers
  • HDPE bottom and a bumper tail
  • Three-fin set and a leash plug
  • Tested by many surfers in California


  • A thinner middle, which leads to less balance


So, we have come to an end, and you might be wondering which of all the surfboards that we mentioned is the best. The fact is, it’s pretty hard to choose a winner. We chose the best surfboards in the market in terms of price and quality, which means there is no extreme difference between them. Some of them are more beginners-suited, and some are more for pros. However, all of them are great in a particular way.

However, if we had to choose one, it would be the first that we reviewed, the Soft Top Surfboard by South Bay Board Co. It is definitely the most expensive but has a few great features that most of the others don’t have. First of all, there is a vast array of colors and sizes to choose from, meaning that most surfers will find the ideal board for them.

Also, it is optimized for the best performance while still being an ideal choice for beginners. If that’s not enough, don’t forget that the company offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. All you have to do is send it back if you don’t like it within the first month, and the company will refund you.

If this surfboard is too expensive for you, there is a great alternative, which is a bit more on budget. It’s the BIC Sport DURA-TEC. Although it’s not a soft board, it is great for beginners and can take big bumps and keep going. Even after you master the basics, you can still use it for more advanced surfing. If you are looking for a great alternative for South Bay Board, be sure to check it out!

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