best stand up paddle board

Best Stand Up Paddle Board

Recent years have seen the sport of Stand-up paddle-boarding explode in popularity as it has become more and more common see paddle boarders out on the water. In fact, the number of people who are trying this activity seems to increase exponentially as the SUP board has almost become something of a fashionable beach accessory. I think it's great seeing more and more people embrace the sport and even travel to go on stand up paddle boarding adventures. As more people are finding real enjoyment with paddle boarding, manufacturers have been producing more advanced and multi-purpose paddle boards to cater to this wider range of participants.

If you have been curious to join the ranks of all these paddle boarding adventurers there is a high chance that you've been doing the rounds on the internet looking for the best stand up paddle board for you. Now is a great time to look at investing in your own board as more than ever before you are likely to find other paddle boarding enthusiasts out on the water. It's one of the best introductions to water sports as it's relatively easy to pick up, and you don't need to be super-fit and strong to have fun, as opposed to , say, surfing, where your fitness is definitely going to be more of a factor.

Nowadays the paddle boarding market is quite fluid (pun intended), with hundreds of styles and variations. Because of this it can be quite overwhelming to find the right paddle board for you and for your needs, especially if you are a newbie to the sport and just starting out.

We've all been there, and it's for this reason I decided to create this list of the finest stand-up paddle boards available today. We've done the research for you, so if you're considering diving in, sit back and read on for my review of the best boards and their typical uses.

The Top Picks for Stand Up Paddle Boards


Top Pick for Budget

goplus inflatable stand up paddle board cruiser isup package
  • check
    All-inclusive package 
  • check
    Very durable 
  • check
    Portable and compact

Rated by: Thomas


Top Pick for Functionality

serenelife inflatable stand up paddle board universal sup wide stance
  • check
    Quality materials 
  • check
    Quite durable 
  • check
    Non-slip technology 

Rated by: Thomas


Top Pick for Versatility

funwater inflatable ultra-light stand up paddle board
  • check
    Great for all skill levels 
  • check
    Very lightweight 
  • check
    Good warranty terms

Rated by: Thomas

The Best Stand Up Paddle-Boards of Today

When researching and writing this guide, I focused a bit more on the newbies and beginners. This is because your first paddle board is going to make or break the experience and often dictates whether a new user stays with it, or gives up after the first few weeks. There's no shame in needing that bit of extra guidance when it comes to choosing the right stand up paddle board for you.

Why? well, the choices of these boards can be really overwhelming. In fact, the range seems to be changing constantly, much like the ocean you'll be paddling out to! But even so, there's no need to get intimidated; in this guide I'm going to try my best to help you with this important buying decision.

For transparency purposes, it is important for you to know that, sadly, I did not have the chance to to take all of the stand-up boards listed here out for a spin. Nevertheless, I was able to try a few, and I'll highlight the ones I've gone out on.

As for the remaining boards I had a chance to speak with a few different users to try and get as rounded an overview as possible. And, with the help of research, I was able to come up with 8 great options that are suitable for both beginners though to some more intermediate level users.

Goplus Inflatable Cruiser iSUP Package

The Goplus Cruiser iSUP Package is really an all-inclusive package and a great choice for new SUP'ers just starting out.

Quick Summary

  • Material: PVC, EVA, Dropstitch
  • Type: Inflatable
  • Fin Setup: 2 Plus 1, removable
  • Weight: 25 lbs 
  • Carrying Weight: up to 440 lbs 
  • Dimension: 10 feet x 30 inches x 6 inches 
  • Price: Below $300
goplus stand up paddle board cruiser isup package

Rated by: Thomas

By "all inclusive", we mean the package includes an extendable paddle, a pump for inflation, an extra removable fin, a carrying backpack, and a repair toolkit. This is an excellent, well rounded kit for a price that falls under $300, making this package an exceptional deal that won't break the bank if you're interested in simply testing the waters.

However it does not offer a leash, though this isn't really a deal breaker as included leashes in many packages tend to be of poor quality, so it's worth picking something separately that will give you a decent fit and won't rub. That said, at this entry level the quality of some of the accompanying accessories is not the best you will find. But for the price of the package overall they decent functionality and will provide lots of fun in the water. Just don't expect to head out chasing big waves on this paddle board.

The materials used in the construction of this Cruiser are PVC and EVA. These materials are responsible for its overall durability and versatility, will falling and slipping greatly reduced, if it happens at all because of the EVA mat. This is a boon for newbies looking to build up some confidence.

According to Goplus, this board can be used not only for simple paddling, but also can be  utilized this for surfing, fishing, touring, and fitness/exercising. However, I have gone out on this board a few times during testing and, after having a bit of experienced using it I think these claims are somewhat lofty - I certainly couldn't see myself doing yoga on a board of this width!

Though if you're interested in speed and can see yourself racing with some friends a little further down the line then I see the shape of this board lending itself to those folks wishing to pursue these types of interests.

As for the fin setup, the Goplus Inflatable Cruiser Stand-Up Paddle Board features a 2 plus 1 fin system. Although the two side fins are not removable, you can adjust and even remove the single large fin in its center. This adjustable feature makes for much smoother riding when you want to change your stance and paddling style.

In addition, the included accessories make it quite convenient to inflate/deflate and translport. The pump that is included in the package is very effective in the speed of getting the board prepared for use. Also, despite being very lightweight, it can still carry up to 440 lbs, so its a good fit for larger / heavier users.

If you are a beginner who finds it quite difficult to stand and balance yourself in the board, the Goplus Inflatable Cruiser Stand-Up Paddle Boardprovide provides more than enough stability, making balancing seem easy.


Personally, I find the board really great and durable and despite the price I feel it's bene made from decent quality materials. Also, appealing to my vanity, I liked the appearance a lot. It’s lively and vibrant, and doesn't scream "entry level" at all. While it’s definitely suitable for beginners, you won't feel like on when you're carrying it out into the water.

You'll want to use the three fins for a really stable and straight paddling flow. But, if you are more experienced when it comes to paddling, you can remove the large fin for a bit more adventure!

The only thing that bothers me is that the included paddle is not the most efficient I've used. It can pretty much do the job, but I think Goplus could really improve it further.


  • All-inclusive package
  • The board is very durable
  • Portable and compact


  • The accessories are not of the best qualities
  • Limited color and design
  • There are no specific warranty terms

SereneLife Inflatable Universal SUP Wide Stance

The SereneLife Universal Wide Stance SUP may be the best option if you are looking for a high-end style and shape of board without spending too much.

Quick Summary

  • Material: PVC
  • Type: Inflatable
  • Fin Setup: 2 Plus 1
  • Weight: 34.4 lbs  
  • Carrying Weight: up to 275 lbs  
  • Dimension: 10 feet x 30 inches x 6 inches
  • Price: Below $400
serenelife inflatable stand up paddle board universal sup wide stance

Rated by: Thomas

The materials used here in the construction are quite surprising. Although PVC is the main raw material, many of the other materials used are similar to the ones that you would expect to see on much higher-end paddle boards. Making this board not only look the part, but feel it too.

Usually, this style of paddle board would come in at much more expensive cost, around $500 to $700. But this SereneLife comes in at just below $400. So, if you've got that little bit more to spend this board and paddle is quite the treat, perhaps giving the most bang for your buck out of the selection reviewed?

In relation to its materials and construction, this paddle board is durable and reliable to the end. I really put it through its paces and can safely say that beginners can easily expect a few years of usage with this board.

Buying this package means as well a paddle, you get a coiled ankle cuff safety leash, a manual pump, and a storage bag. Unlike the Goplus, this board from SereneLife comes with a leash; an essential addition, especially for new learners and beginners.

In terms of its fins, the SereneLife is already equipped with a 2 plus 1 fin setup. this is by far the most popular setup and really great if you're a beginner still finding their paddle boarding legs.

According to SereneLife's marketing splurge, this is a very wide type of paddle board. I didn't especially notice an unusual width to the board, and on checking the technical specifications I saw that it is fairly similar to the other normal paddle boards on the market. I think it's safe to say that it is wide, but not the kind of exceptional width as the marketing would have their consumers believe.

Another thing that I consider a drawback for the SereneLife is its maximum supporting weight; it can only support up to 275 lbs, which is quite low considering that the board itself is not that lightweight.


I like the overall appearance of the SereneLife. Also, the surface of the board is equipped with a non-slip technology which I definitely found very useful when I used it. This is a nice feature to include since beginners will largely need it during their practice sessions and including a traction pad means one less thing you'll need to invest in.

Overall I found this paddle board very easy to paddle on and manouver. On the other hand, I did find inflating this board a bit more difficult that some of the other boards I'm used to. I realize that the manual pump included in the package is not quite effective as others available, though a this price I don't think anyone can complain.

In fact, I ended up using another brands of pump when I was first inflating and deflating this paddle board. Though if you want to step up from plain beginner boards, and don't mind doing a bit of exercise to get this one inflated, then I can recommend this as the best option for progressing paddle boarders.


  • Quality materials
  • Quite durable
  • It features a non-slip technology


  • The manual pump is not efficient
  • The fill valve needs tighter adjustments
  • You may need to purchase an extra paddle

RoC Inflatable Stand Up Board with Accessories

It is true that the good stand up paddle board today can be really challenging to find. But Roc, a relatively new brand currently making waves, producing some great paddle boards that could be just the one you're looking for!

Quick Summary

  • Material: Military Grade Material, Anti-Slip Technology
  • Type: Inflatable
  • Fin Setup: 2 Plus 1, removable
  • Weight: 33.3 lbs  
  • Carrying Weight: up to 350 lbs
  • Dimension: 10.5 feet x 30 inches x 6 inches
  • Price: Below $350
roc inflatable stand up paddle board with sup accessories

Rated by: Thomas

I consider this paddle board from Roc as one of the most straight forward types of paddle boards that I have tried. For some reason, the stripped down style and somewhat basic features appeal to me. By not having all the bells and whistles and focusing on strength, shape and poser, this board provides, making it one of the most manouverable paddle boards out there on the water.

I often find that many of these being added to new boards can be confusing for beginners, whose main priority is just getting out there and learning to stand up and paddle. Hence, I found this paddle board a near-perfect product for newbies and entry-level users.

As for its durability, I can say that this is the type of paddle board that can last for a long time and grow with you. It  uses military grade materials which is becoming almost standardized on the market today. Though because of this, the Roc doesn't disspoint among other durable paddle boards you'll find at the beach.

The fin setup of this board is a 2 plus 1 system. Again with a removable single large fin that is located in the back center of board.

Speaking of its features, the surface of the board also has an anti-slip technology which I found to be very effective. This is a must-have feature for every beginner and first-time paddle board user, and another strong reason this board makes the list.

In comparison to the first two paddle boards that I have looked at, the Roc is longer by .5 feet. Although this sounds small, it still significant, especially when you are intending to speed up on the water with more intensive paddling activity. It is not lightweight, but it can carry and support up to 350 lbs of total weight, so not at the top of the supporting weight range, but still not bad at all.

The thing that really stood out with the Roc is the quality of the accessories included in the package.

The manual pump is very effective. In fact, you inflate the whole paddle board within 5-10 minutes. It also comes with a water-resistant bag, a paddle, a leash, and a board storage bag. Moreover, you can have all of these packed up and in the car for a price that falls under $350.


When I was sent this paddle board for testing it was still in its storage bag. And because of this I was able to take my time "unboxing" so to speak, and really go through and inspect the accessories. It was in testing these and assembling the final product I noticed the quality of the materials being used and how they all slotted together perfectly and with little resistance. From experience this is quite unusual.

Inflating the board using the manual pump only took a few minutes, and I was surprised at how little force I needed to exert to get the board fully inflated. To be honest, I usually need to take a bit of a rest after inflating a stand up paddle board. Not so the Roc!

And when I used the board in the water, I kept balance easily and found it extremely maneuverable. I think it's the stripped down focus on shape and performance that makes this one of the more fun stand up paddle boards on this list. Highly recommended!


  • All accompanying accessories are great
  • Durable
  • Comes with a full 1-year warranty


  • The package does not have any instructional manual
  • The fins are not the best around
  • It is not great for advanced users

FunWater Inflatable Sup Ultra-Light Board

The FunWater Inflatable Sup is the most lightweight paddle board among the board reviewed here, which makes it one of the best stand up paddle boards around today in terms of the convenience of getting it in and out of the water.

Quick Summary

  • Material: PVC
  • Type: Inflatable
  • Fin Setup: 2 Plus 1, removable
  • Weight: 17.6 lbs
  • Carrying Weight: up to 330 lbs
  • Dimension: 10.6 feet x 33 inches x 6 inches
  • Price: Below $300
funwater inflatable ultra-light stand up paddle board

Rated by: Thomas

The overall weight of this paddle board stands at only at 17.6 pounds. And despite this, it can fully support a total weight up to 330 pounds. With these figures at hand, it is quite impressive, especially when you see that the materials used in its construction are on par with much heavier and more expensive boards.

On the topic of its construction, the main material used in this paddle board is a two-layer newly-engineered PVC type. This seems to contribute significantly to its very light overall weight. That said, by all reports and looking at the many reviews available it is still very durable.

Dimension-wise  the FunWater Stand Up Paddle Board measures 10.6 feet in length, 33 inches in width, and 6 inches in thickness. Accordingly, this is the widest paddle board reviewed in this list, making it particularly suited to beginners or those looking to do stationary balance activities on the water such as yoga.

In relation to its dimension, it is very easy to see how this width can provide great stability and balance, and this is reflected in the way users have been utilizing this board it in the water. You could say that this perfect for beginners.

But while it is marketed as a great paddle board for beginners, this board is also a very versatile one. Many intermediate level users own this kind of paddle board as its width lends itself to other in-water activities.

General feedback regarding the FunWater board is that the experience is one of stability as a beginner board, but it has the flexibility to grow with the users experience. Sadly I was not able to try this paddle board first-hand, so I'm not able to personally compare it with my recent experiences on some of the other paddle boards on this list.

This is not only a great board for beginners, but it can also be great for advanced users for activities such as yoga on water.

The fin setup of the said paddle board is the standard 2 plus 1 type. And, somewhat uniquely, all of these fins are removable. Hence, you could fully adjust and customize this paddle board according to your needs, skills, and conditions.

For a price that falls under $300, you can have a good and versatile inflatable stand-up paddle board. Also, when you purchase this package it comes with an adjustable aluminum paddle, coil leash, high-pressure pump, travel backpack, waterproof board casing, and the repair kit.


  • Great for all skill levels
  • Very lightweight
  • The warranty terms are good


  • The pump is not durable
  • The design and appearance is not the most appealing
  • The board case is not entirely water-resistant

Ten Toes Weekender Inflatable Stand Up Board

Construction, convenience, and comfort are the three main factors that Ten Toes considered when they created, designed, and manufactured the Ten Toes Weekender Inflatable Paddle Board.

Quick Summary

  • Material: Military Grade PVC, EVA, and Dropstitch Technology
  • Type: Inflatable
  • Fin Setup: ​2 Plus 1, all removable
  • Weight: 38.7 lbs
  • Carrying Weight: up to 250 lbs
  • Dimension: 10 feet x 30 inches x 6 inches
  • Price: Below $500
ten toes weekender inflatable stand up paddle board bundle

Rated by: Thomas

As per the brand info, they claim that they have used a virtually indestructible material in constructing the this paddle board. It appears this lofty claim is quite true though, as I've have asked many actual owners of this paddle board and they all tend to list its durability  as a key main feature. And according to some of them, they have been using the same board ever since their first day stand up paddle boarding.

Also this paddle board uses an EVA surface which allows the users to stick to their position like glue due to its non-slip features. Again, this is a great feature that every beginner needs to train their balance and positioning skills.

The total weight of the board itself is 38.7 pounds which is definitely the heaviest among all the paddle boards that I have included here in my list. As for its supporting weight, it can support up to 275 pounds of load.

The fin system of the Ten Toes Weekender Paddle Board is again the 2 plus 1 fin setup. And as per the FunWater all of the three nylon fins are removable. Hence, users can adjust  the fins freely as they level-up their skills and personal preferences change.

For a price that falls under the $500 range this is relatively expensive, though in comparison to the other paddle boards we've listed here the materials used in the construction of the Weekender Paddle Board are a definite step-up.

When you purchase this, you will get to enjoy the board itself along with the lightweight aluminum paddle and the manual pump. Other than these two accessories, there are no additional tools and other gear included.


I was not given the chance to try this board personally. But, luckily, I have found several friends who have had a chance to put the Weekender through its paces. According to them this is the best paddle-board overall, and that's reflected in the price. Everyone rated the quality of its construction, and one person mentioned and cute design, though I'm not sure that helps.

After the cute design comment, on checking the brand’s product lines the variation of colors and design for the Weekend Paddle Board are quite wide. So if that's the kind of thing that matters to you, you get a chance to pick the color and design that will suit your taste.


  • Very durable
  • The aluminum paddle is efficient
  • It comes in a variety of designs and colors


  • Comparatively expensive
  • The bundle package lacks tools and some other accessories
  • Can be heavy for some people

Atoll 11-foot Stand Up Board Bravo iSUP

The Atoll Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Bravo iSUP is one of the most dependably popular paddle boards around today and for good reason. In fact, it has been known as the “Hard Board Mimicker” because the strength of the material is similar to a hard board.

Quick Summary

  • Material: ​​​Lightweight Military Grade PVC
  • Type: Inflatable
  • Fin Setup: ​2 Plus 1, all removable
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Carrying Weight: up to 350 lbs
  • Dimension: 11 feet x 32 inches x 6 inches
  • Price: Below $800
atoll 11-foot inflatable paddle board bravo isup

Rated by: Thomas

Even so, users could still expect a very lightweight product. And this is because it uses a special light grade PVC in its core. Accordingly, the overall weight of this paddle board is rated at 19 pounds. Nevertheless, it can still carry up to 350 pounds total load weight.

These features are mainly the reasons why it is seen as the best stand up paddle board in the higher-end section of paddle boards. This board is enduringly popular and that popularity is not set to wane any time soon

Buyers looking to make a solid investment in a top quality paddle board that will grow wiht their skills could own this package for a price that falls under $800. Yes, this is a pretty expensive paddle board which may be considered a downside for some. But, this has not hinder Atoll’s success at all. In fact, the brand has become very popular for being a manufacturer of some of the most exquisite standup paddle boards on the market today.

Inside the high quality packaging, buyers will enjoy the highly-rated 3-piece lightweight aluminum paddle with nylon blade, additional D-rings, water-resistant backpack, US Fin Box, poly flex paddle leash, and the 2-year warranty terms.

The Atoll Stand Up Paddle-Board has become an exceptionally popular board that has stood the test of time. It's enduring popularity is not set to wane anytime soon, and for very good reason.

Regarding fins, this paddle board features a 2 plus 1 fin setup and all of them are removable. The Fin Box that is included in the package also allows the users to utilize other types of fins as well.

So, it is a very good point for Atoll that they are open to other brands fins being used on their paddle boards. This is a unique feature among the paddle boards on this list, and a strong reason on why I and others consider this one of the best boards on the market today.


When I first encountered the Atoll 11-foot Inflatable Bravo iSUP, I was stunned. I did not expect this paddle board to be as sleek looking as it is. The color and appearance of the board are quite unique and it's a real head turned.

I couldn't wait to get this board into the water. And it didn't let me down, this board lives up to its reputation and them some. The experience is probably the most fun out of all the paddle boards in this list. Bear in mind though, this board is much more suitable for intermediate and advanced level users. Although, beginners can still utilize this paddle board, they'll be jumping in at the deep end as it's a little less forgiving than some of the more basic starter boards.


  • Quality materials and structure
  • Sleek appearance
  • High-end features


  • Expensive
  • Not so beginner friendly
  • The pressure valve is a bit stiff

PathFinder Inflatable Sup Board

If you are looking for a portable and compact type of stand up paddle board, then the PathFinder may be one of the best boards for you.

Quick Summary

  • Material: ​​​​PVC and Dropstitch Technology
  • Type: Inflatable
  • Fin Setup: Single Fin, removable
  • Weight: 24.5 lbs
  • Carrying Weight: up to 240 lbs
  • Dimension: 9.9 feet x 30 inches x 5 inches
  • Price: Below $300
pathfinder inflatable stand up paddle board

Rated by: Thomas

The dimension of this paddle board is only rated at 9.9 feet x 30 inches x 5 inches, and at this length this actually the shortest board that I have included in this list. It is one of the thinnest.

These figures are the reason why this board is so lightweight. However, with lightweight and small size comes some compromises, and this board can only support up to 240 pounds of load and weight. So bear this in mind that can be a limitation for anyone who might be a bit larger in size who is interested in buying it.

Even so, the construction of the Pathfinder paddle board is quite durable. It uses a multi-layer coating of PVC along with the standard dropstitch technology for the finish. For beginners and entry-level users, this is a pretty decent paddle board to use for practice sessions.

But, if you are intending to use for other purposes like surfing, fishing, yoga, or any other water activity that may involve intense paddling, this may not be the best choice for you.

The fin system of this paddle board is a removable single type. Accordingly, this board is best used for practicing and training. Though younger users and kids will likely find this Pathfinder board fun and entertaining.

For a price that falls under $300, this is a decent paddle board already. Interested buyers will note the package as a whole and everything included. These include the pressure air pump, bungee tie-down leash, aluminum paddle, valve wrench, and carry bag shoulder strap.

For its price, this is a fairly complete set of accessories. So, all things considered, it is a good deal. However, if you are primarily interested in overall quality of the accessories, it's not really the finest package you will come across. But then again, for its price, this is the best that you may get.


When I took the PathFinder out for the first time I felt excited because it is very similar to my first ever paddle board. But once I felt how thin it was it made me feel uncomfortable. I have some decent experience paddle boarding, though on this starter board I was having a hard time balancing myself.

Today, I see a lot of kids and children playing on this paddle board, and that seems to be perhaps where it is best placed in the market. For that purpose it works just fine. Accordingly, I take this one as a choice for lightweight beginners, younger users and children.


  • Great for beginners and younger / lighter users
  • Inexpensive
  • Durable


  • It has issues with its accessories
  • Not suited to larger users
  • Lacks versatility

Bestway Hydro-Force Wave Edge SUP

If the budget and price are big factors affecting  your buying decisions, then you may want to check the Bestway Hydro-Force Wave Edge. Bestway is currently offering this in two different packages.

Quick Summary

  • Material: ​​​​​Dropstitch Technology
  • Type: Inflatable
  • Fin Setup: ​​​2 plus 1, removable
  • Weight: 16.9 lbs
  • Carrying Weight: up to 250 lbs
  • Dimension: 10 feet x 27 inches x 4 inches
  • Price: Below $200
bestway hydro-force wave edge stand up paddleboard

Rated by: Thomas

The most basic package has a price that falls under $200. But, it would only include the board and the aluminum paddle. Hence, it may require you to shell out much more when you purchase the air pump along with the other accessories separately.

As for the other package, it already includes the paddle board, aluminum paddle, aluminum oar, high-pressure pump, and a travel backpack for the board. This package has a price below $300. But while it may cost you more than the basic package, it works out much more cost-effective.

Regarding the quality and functionality of the paddle board. For budget users the Bestway Hydro-Force Wave Edge Stand Up Paddleboard is surprisingly sturdy and can be appropriate as a starter board. In fact, if you just want to test out paddle boarding to see if you like it, it could even be the best option for your needs!

The paddle board itself is very simple and basic, and yet surprisingly durable. For a low entry cost you could use this package to test if this is a sport you want to pursue.

Though it is quite durable it is not very advisable for you to use it for intense surfing and paddling. It may be limited in these areas and is best for those who just want to have a bit of practice and not necessarily proper training when it comes to managing and balancing their paddle boards in the water.

In terms of its fins, the Bestway Hydro-Force Wave Edge features a 2 plus 1 fin system. The 2 side fins are equipped already. As for the large single fin, it is removable. So, you can still adjust your track in the water with the use of this fin set.

The width of this is rated at 27 inches which is pretty slim, so it's not going to be for you if you intend to do yoga and fishing. Also, the thickness of the board is rated only at 4 inches. And that is actually the reason why it is very light in its weight. Accordingly, it can only carry up to 250 pounds of total load and weight.

Even so, I still take this as an ok package because of its cheap costs. HTis board is going to be most appropriate for people who just want to know the feeling of being on a board.


  • Inexpensive
  • Portable and compact
  • Great customer service


  • Best for entry-level users only
  • Limited functionality
  • Difficult to inflate

Things You Should Consider When Choosing The Best SUP

There are quite a lot of factors that you need to consider first before buying your first stand up paddle board, and taking the time to understand what you want to get out of the sport and different boards functionality can really help you with your buying decisions.

Taking these things into account will make it much easier for you to find the best stand up paddle-board that is suitable for your needs. So it is important that you pay attention first to these factors before heading out (or online) to make your purchase.

Your Skill and Ability

One of the most important things you need to consider is your skill and ability when it comes to paddle boarding. 

It is very important for you to note that there are several types and classes of paddle boards. More often than not, these types and classes are constructed to compliment the user’s ability and purpose of the board.

paddleboarding skill and ability

If you are a beginner and you choose to buy a paddle board that is much more fitting for an advanced level user it can be really hard for you to manage the board. This is often a rookie mistake and can put people off the sport long-term.

Therefore it is important to keep in mind that your skill and your ability will help determine the best paddle-board for you.

If you are a beginner, it is always recommended for you to choose a board that has more volume. This is because it can really help you with your balance and stability as you paddle through the water.

Also, paddle boards that have more volume can help beginners build their core muscles. This is essential, especially if you are training and want to become a better and more advanced paddle boarder.

Type of SUP and Paddling Conditions

As a beginner, the best types for others may not necessarily mean the best for you. Accordingly, it will depend on the type of paddle boarding that you plan to do.

Also, the type of board will vary depending on the conditions of the water that you intend to paddle through. It is safe to say that paddle boards are designed according to your skill level and to the different kinds of water conditions.

All-round Stand Up Paddle-Boards

If you are a beginner, then the All-rounders are the best choice for you. These are the most common types and they are mainly designed for first-time users.

You can use this at a variety of water conditions. Whether you intend to use it on flat water or wave-filled body of water, they can be capable boards. These boards are also best utilized as a training board to pick up some skills early on.

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle-Boards

If portability is one of the biggest factors that you are considering, then you may want to check the inflatable sups. And this is because they are storable and very portable. When you deflate this, you can roll it up to the size of an average sleeping bag.

Another thing that makes the them quite popular today is that the prices have dropped and they can now be very inexpensive compared to traditional hard paddle boards. Also, most of these types of boards come in  packages already including all the essentials you'll need to get out there and start paddling.

These boards can be great for kids and older children too, making them very beginner-friendly all-rounders!

Surfing Stand Up Paddle-Boards

For intermediate and advanced level users these are the best options for you. While not designed for huge waves, these can be great fun in small to medium sizes waves.

surfing stand-up paddle boards

And if you are looking for a dual purpose board and leave near beaches that can get waves, then these types of boards are highly recommended for you.

Touring Stand Up Paddle Boards

These are your go-to boards if you are looking for straight line speed and efficiency. This will comes under the best paddle board for you if you are paddling for long distances through flat and open-water.

Normally, this kind of board is designed for maximum glide which enables users to move through water and carry more speed even on long distance paddling.

But these can still be great for all types of users, and really allow users to grow their skills quickly. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced level user, you can use thisboard type.

Fishing Stand-Up Paddle Boards

As the name states, this is largely designed for people who want to fish as their recreational activity. This kind of board is very roomy and spacious which allows users to bring all of their fishing tools and gears.

Accordingly, These are quite wide. And this is to provide enough stability for the users as they go for their fishing activities.

Yoga Stand Up Paddle-Boards

Yes, yoga, you’ve read that right. This is very similar to the fishing paddle boards. It is quite wide which gives the user enough space to perform different yoga positions and pilates routines.

Yoga Stand-Up Paddle Boards

Believe it or not, there are plenty of yogis out there who utilize this kind of stand-up paddle board, and it's increasing in popularity. Besides, doing yoga in the middle of a calm body of water makes perfect sense if you want to practice your balance, right?

Racing paddle Boards

If you are looking forward to having a paddle board that can provide enough speed and efficiency, then a racing sup might be the one you are looking for as these boards are designed specifically for racing.

The shape of these boards is much slimmer but longer. And this is pretty much the basis of its speed and velocity. Although this board is, most of the time, utilized by many advanced users.

Size and Weight of the Paddle-Board

Another factor that you need to consider before choosing the paddle board is the size and weight of the paddle board. You will want to check your height and weight before considering this aspect.

This is because when you purchase a smaller board than your actual height and weight it can be a waste of money as it will not support you or carry you.

Luckily, most of the brands today that offer paddle boards have their respective weight and size charts, and I've included the sizes in my reviews here. Buyers can compare their respective sizes and weight ratings with the sizes and dimensions of the paddle board they're interested in.

As a general rule, it is always best for beginners to buy a much wider and longer paddle board. This is because it will let them train their balancing skills whilst providing them with the stability they need. And as a beginner, balance and stability are the primary things that you need to master.

Construction, Material, and Durability

When you buy a stand-up paddle board you're going to need to shell out a few hundred bucks. But whatever the price may be, I am sure that you don’t for your money to go to waste. With that in mind durability is a factor to consider as well as you're going to want this investment to last you a few years.

Before you purchase your chosen stand-up paddle board, make sure that you know the overall construction quality of the board and read some reviews from existing owners. Every user shou;ld have some idea of the materials and technologies that are used and applied in order to make an informed choice.

These things further your understanding of the function and capability of the board. There are already hundreds of paddle boards on the market, so all the more reason you need to check the construction quality and materials of the board.

The Fin Setup

Each has its own fin setup. Most common paddle boards of today have a single fin setup or a 2 plus 1 setup. Though bear in mind there are actually four types of fin setup.

Fin's are essential. This is because they provide the board with its direction when you are paddling, and stop you skating around on the surface of the water. It keeps the board on its track and without it the board will follow any direction and be out of your control.

the fin setup

Keep in mind that the more fins that a board has, the more drag that a board can provide. Hence, this is why many boards only have a single fin setup. The more fins you find on surfing paddle boards are to provide enough grip to stand up against waves and currents.

Single Fin Setup

A single fin setup is usually directly in the back of the center of the board. This single large fin typically has a length range of 8 inches to 10 inches.

2 Plus 1 Fin Setup

The 2 plus 1 fin setup is the most common setup of all. Most paddle boards of today have this kind of fin system.

By and large, the paddle boards that incorporate with this kind of setup features a large fin in the center of board with a range of 8 inches to 10 inches in length. The two small fins are normally located on the left and right sides of the board. Usually, the length of these small fins ranges from 3 to 4 inches.

The side fins are the ones helping the board to provide efficient turning movements.

Quad Fins

The stand-up paddle boards that feature quad fins normally comprise of 2 large fins and 2 small fins.

The location of these fins are normally situated on the rail line of the stand-up paddle board, on both sides of the tail. This is normally utilized by surfers since it lacks drag which is largely caused by the lack of the center fin.

This kind of the setup helps to get grip and provide a controlled line across the face of waves.

Other Fin Setups

Generally, the three fin setups given above are the traditional ones that you would see in most paddle boards today. But, the setup is largely dependent on your preferences. This is largely the reason why other packages  include extra fins, so that users can set it up on their own, according to their respective preferences.

In the end the way you choose to set up the fins of your paddle board will depend on how you would like it and how it helps you with your paddling and surfing style.

Package Inclusions and Accessories

When you purchase a stand-up paddling board, there are brands and sellers that actually offer the accompanying and necessary accessories of the paddle board. I recommend you to opt for these kinds of packages as purchasing the many accessories on their own can quickly add up. Aside from the convenience it can provide you, it's often way cheaper!

The basic accessories you need when you start paddling activities would include the paddles, leashes, and board bags. Some advanced level users would also want to have a personal floatation device. But, this will not largely be a necessity on your end if you are just using for recreational purposes on calm waters.

Look out for extra inclusions such as a bag, shoulder carry, hand carry, belts, and/or car racks. 


When I first started my paddling and surfing activities, I was excited to purchase my own stand-up paddle board and get into the sport, though was mindful of my budget and ended up going with a cheap entry level board. And let me tell you I've learned a lesson there!

Although I am happy enough with my first stand-up paddle board, I quickly found out that there were much more effective options if I'd only shelled out a little more money! So, with this thing in mind, I encourage you to think about how seriously you will pursue this sport, how often you will use your paddle board, and with that in mind you set aside an adequate budget for your paddling activities.

You should read as many reviews as possible, and ask experts for their opinions when it comes to choosing the most appropriate boards for your plans.

The Best Stand Up Paddle-Board for Everyone

All of the stand-up paddle boards that I have included here have their distinct features, advantages, and drawbacks. Taking all this into account, the one board that stands out among the others reviewed here is the Atoll 11-foot Bravo iSUP.

atoll 11-foot inflatable stand up paddle board bravo isup

Personally, I find this is the best for everyone because of the functionality, versatility, and durability of the product. It's the board I use currently, and I figure Atoll knows its customers well given the standards to which they have produced the 11 foot Bravo.

This paddle board from Atoll offers a great feature set, and they're the ones that will enhance your skills and knowledge when it comes to paddling and surfing. This is a board that will definitely grow with you as you progress.

That said, it is pretty expensive and perhaps not the most ideal board for absolute beginners. Though for me, this is the most suitable board for a variety of conditions, skill levels and needs.