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8 Best Surfboard for Beginners of 2018

Surfing is an extreme sport. When I found out I was assigned to review the best surfboards for beginners, I was overcome with fear because I barely know how to swim, much less to surf. I was encouraged, however, with the coaxing of some friends.

They told me I wasn’t going to be launched into the water right away and that I would undergo lessons first. Truthfully, not enough to make me want to go surfing, but in the name of giving you, my dear readers, a thoroughly informative list, I did.

With summer just around the corner, the list of the 8 best surfboard for beginners is just right on time. People want to make the most out of their vacations and surfing is one of the best ways to do so.

So, If you are one of these people and you are on the hunt for the best surfboard for a beginner like you, this list is the answer you are waiting for.

Best Surfboard for Beginners : Top Picks

Giantex 6' Surfboard  

Best for Those with Zero Experience in Surfing

Giantex 6' Surfboard
  • check
    It is child-friendly 
  • check
    Can carry riders weighing up to 200 pounds 
  • check
    Deck is made of EPE 

Rated by: Thomas

Driftsun Throwdown 

Best in Versatility  

Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board
  • check
    For beginner and intermediate riders 
  • check
    Made with EPS core 
  • check
    It has quad fin setup 

Rated by: Thomas

Xterra Inflatable 

Best for Heavyweight Surfers 

Xterra Inflatable
  • check
    Complete package
  • check
    Can carry rider maximum weight of 250 pounds 
  • check
    Provides exceptional stability 

Rated by: Thomas

My List of The 8 Best Surfboard for Beginners

During my lessons, I was able to use most of these surfboards. And honestly, I enjoyed everything there is about surfing. And because I was able to learn most of the basics, I was able to learn as well the appropriate things to learn about surfboards.

So, to help you further in your surfing journey, here are the top 8 surfboards that made my list:

1. Giantex 6' Surfboard Surf Foamie Boards Surfing Beach Ocean Body Boarding Red 

Quick Summary

Giantex 6' Surfboard

Rated by: Thomas

The Giantex 6' Surfboard Surf Foamie Boards Surfing Beach Ocean Body Boarding Red measures 72 inches in length, 20 inches in width, and 3 inches in thickness. Also, it weighs a total of 10 pounds and comes in red and blue colors.

According to most surfers nowadays, especially the newbies in the field, this has become the best surfboard for beginners due to its overall built and quality. Moreover,  they say that it is best for adult and children beginners.

However, I feel that this might be a little too big and heavy for children. The good thing about it, though, is that it can carry riders weighing up to 200 pounds.

Now, let’s talk about its making. The Giantex 6' Surfboard Surf Foamie Boards Surfing Beach Ocean Body Boarding Red’s deck is made of EPE or expanded polyethylene which gives beginner surfers the durability, cushioning, and shockproof features that they oh-so need.

This surfboard’s core, on the other hand, is made of EPS or expanded polystyrene, making the surfboard as light as it can be. I could talk so much about the technicalities of this surfboard, but at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is this surfboard gave me ample space to support myself in the water and it floated easily. Also, it is cute!


  • It is ideal for adult beginners.
  • It is lightweight. 
  • It is child-friendly. 


  • The paint chips off easily.
  • It is too big for surfers who have small frames
  • It is not very durable

2. Gold Coast Surfboards Soft Top Surfboard 7’ Ruccus Surfboard 

Quick Summary

Gold Coast Surfboards

Rated by: Thomas

The Gold Coast Surfboards Soft Top Surfboard 7’ Ruccus Surf Board catches the waves in its 7 feet length, 22 inches width, and 3 inches thickness. It weighs 13 pounds.

Frankly, this surfboard almost fell on me because it does not look that heavy at all. It can carry surfers that weigh up to 190 pounds and is good for beginner and expert surfers alike. Accordingly, I included this surfboard in my list of the best surfboard for beginners for this reason alone.

Now, on to its make. The Gold Coast Surfboards Soft Top Surfboard 7’ Ruccus Surfboard’s deck is made of IXPE foam with Croc-textured EVA. 

If you are not familiar with surfboard speak, say, the jargons in the surfing field, IXPE is actually a higher density material than most of the materials that are normally used in surfboards.

And because of this, it allowed the enhancing of the rigidity and overall durability of the bodyboard. In addition, this material also provides high-quality water protection.

The Croc-textured EVA foam does not require wax to maintain your surfboard. Just like the Giantex 6’ Surfboard, the Gold Coast Surfboards Soft Top Surfboard 7’ Ruccus Surfboard’s core is also made of EPS. Its crosshatched mesh bottom is made of slick HDPE or high-density polyethylene. This material is tougher and does not compromise the surfboard’s performance.

The Gold Coast Surfboards Soft Top Surfboard 7’ Ruccus Surfboard’s complete package comes with one foam surfboard, five 2-inch fin screws, one 9-feet surfboard leash, three rounded safe edge screw-in surfboard fins, and one 2-inch leash plug crew.

I noticed that the Gold Coast Surfboards Soft Top Surfboard 7’ Ruccus Surfboard is easy to maneuver. Not to mention that it also comes in awesome colors too!

Overall, I consider this surfboard as the best surfboard for beginners who really want a genuine durability capability.


  • It is made of quality materials.
  • The construction is very durable
  • It is good for beginners both children and adult. 


  • It may be a little heavy for children.
  • It can be a little expensive
  • It cannot carry surfers who have big frames

3. Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board - 4' 8" Custom Surf Style Wakesurfer 

Quick Summary

Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board

Rated by: Thomas

The Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board - 4' 8" Custom Surf Style Wakesurfer is for beginner and intermediate riders; it can also work for advanced riders, but they might want to customize the fin setup.

Apparently, riding this surfboard gave me a lot of confidence. It was easy to get up on and it makes you feel like you actually know how to surf (even when you don’t).

And if you ask me, this is a huge factor in learning the basics of surfing because it can really provide positive effects. And for that alone is the reason why it ended up in my list of the best surfboard for beginners today.

The Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board - 4' 8" Custom Surf Style Wakesurfer is 4 feet and 8 inches in length, 20 inches in width, and 1.5 inches in tapered thickness. It is made with EPS (expanded polystyrene) core with natural wood stringer and is custom shaped. It is hand-finished with epoxy and layered fiberglass. Its traction pad is Diamond Machine Cut made of EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) with a kicktail.

Its fin is F4 quad fin, which can be interchangeable with all the other kinds of fins for a customized feel. Pretty cool, huh? Because of its fin setup, the Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board - 4' 8" Custom Surf Style Wakesurfer is designed to grow with the rider.  


  • It is good for beginners and intermediate riders.
  • It has quad fin setup. 
  • It can be used as a training surfboard  


  • It can hurt if you slam yourself onto the board in water.
  • Fin customization can be challenging
  • It is not ideal for surfers who do not have basic knowledge of surfing.

4. Best Choice Products Surfing Surf Beach Ocean Body Foamie Board Surfboard 

Quick Summary

Best Choice Products Surfing

Rated by: Thomas

Okay, among all the surfboards I tried, this was the least intimidating. It looks good, feels just right in and out of the water. And it will really make you look like you are still on the learning curve of surfing.

In fact, most people who take surfing lessons are seen to utilize this board. And this is quite a tell which could speak loudly to you that this might be the best surfboard for beginners in the recent times.

The Best Choice Products Surfing Surf Beach Ocean Body Foamie Board Surfboard measures 72 inches in length, 20.5 inches in width, and 3.5 inches in thickness. It is made of slick HDPE (high-density polyethylene) high-speed bottom.

The Best Choice Products Surfing Surf Beach Ocean Body Foamie Board Surfboard comes with a free leash and traction pad.

Its fins are removable so you can transport it easily. I feel this board is best for beginners and may not hold up to a professional rider’s needs.


  • It is good for those who are still learning to surf.
  • Its fins are removable.  
  • It is quite affordable 


  • It may not be able to keep up with a pro surfer.
  • It is not very durable
  • It is only advisable to be used when still learning how to surf.

5. Wave Bandit EZ Rider 8'0, Mint, 8' 

Quick Summary

Wave Bandit EZ Rider

Rated by: Thomas

The Wave Bandit EZ Rider 8'0, Mint, 8' is also another fun choice for beginners and advanced riders.

It is soft top surfboard made of double maple wood stringers and an EPS (expanded polystyrene) core. It was easy to use and soft.

The  Wave Bandit EZ Rider 8'0, Mint, 8’  is egg-shaped, a nice form for surfing learners.

However, it needs surf wax for more grip as it has a tendency to be slippery in water. Hence, this could mean an additional cost for any takers of the product. Also, this could mean that users may need intense maintenance process before using it.

But even so, this is still great for newbies which is why it made to my list of the best surfboard for beginners in 2018.


  • It is good for beginners.
  • It is very easy to use
  • It is egg-shaped perfect for surfing learners.  


  • It needs surf wax for grip.
  • It can be a little slippery.
  • It highly needs maintenance and care 

6. BIC Sport PAINT Surfboard 

Quick Summary

BIC Sport PAINT Surfboard

Rated by: Thomas

The BIC Sport PAINT Surfboards are available in different lengths: 4 feet and 11 inches, 5 feet and six inches, 6 feet, 6 feet and 6 inches, 7 feet, and 8 feet.

These surfboards are actually crafted for beginner surfers, but also something that they can still use as they progress in their respective surfing journeys. Also, I find the paint detail of the surfboard especially cool.

The BIC Sport PAINT Surfboard has a soft, non-slip deck. I like how light it is but can actually carry me pretty well in the water. And this is largely a good point if you are looking for the best surfboard for beginners!

As for its overall structure, its core is made with EPS ((expanded polystyrene) and has IXPE (a kind of foam with higher density) deck. So, you could expect a genuine durability with this surfing board. Moreover, the package comes with a thruster and twin fin setups.


  • It is good for beginner surfers.
  • It is quite durable
  • It comes with a thruster twin fin setups. 


  • It may not be suitable for intermediate and professional surfers.
  • It can be a little expensive than most beginner-friendly surfboards
  • The variation of the design is very limited

7. Xterra Inflatable 10' Stand Up Paddle Board Premium SUP Bundle | Includes Board (6" Thick), Pump, Adjustable Paddle, Easy Transport Back Pack and Repair Kit 

Quick Summary

Xterra Inflatable

Rated by: Thomas

Yes, you heard that right - there is an inflatable surfboard. And what’s even more exciting is that the Xterra Inflatable 10' Stand Up Paddle Board Premium SUP Bundle comes with a lot of inclusions.

When you decide to go for this specific beginner-friendly surfboard, you will get to have these things as well: 10 feet long, 30 inches wide, and 6 inches thick wide, inflatable board, military-grade drop-stitch and double-sided reinforcement, deck pad and handle, bungee deck rigging, D-Rings, high-pressure pump and integrated pressure gauge, three-piece travel paddle, large removal center fin, twin outer fins, and a repair kit.

Although some of these inclusions are not very useful for most beginners, they are quite helpful for surfers who are learning to master the basics of surfing. Some may take it as a good point, but some would say that this is very unnecessary.

Even so, because of the fact that it is an all-inclusive surfboard package, most beginners and newbies today would see this as their best surfboard for beginners.

The Xterra Inflatable 10' Stand Up Paddle Board Premium SUP Bundle can carry a rider maximum weight of 250 pounds. I felt so secured while riding it, but I have to admit that it feels different from all the other surfboards I have tried.


  • It can carry rider maximum weight of 250 pounds.
  • It is very affordable considering all the package inclusions.
  • The package comes with everything you need to use and maintain it. 


  • Some might find inflating it inconvenient.
  • It is not very ideal for beginners
  • The warranty terms are not specified clearly

8. BIC Sport DURA-TEC Wahine Surfboard

Quick Summary

BIC Sport DURA-TEC Wahine Surfboard

Rated by: Thomas

The BIC Sport DURA-TEC Wahine Surfboard is a fantastic entry-level surfboard for newbie surfers like me. For this review, I specifically tried the BIC Sport DURA-TEC 7’3” Mini Malibu Wahine Surfboard.

It is 7 feet and three inches in length, 21.25 inches in width, and 2.50 inches in thickness. I find it a little heavy, though, at 12.5 pounds. Nonetheless, I really felt the stability it gave me while paddling. I saw how beginners and advanced riders alike use this, showing how versatile it is.

In fact, there are intermediate and advanced surfers who would recommend this surfboard to their peers and friends in the industry. It goes to show that this is not only great for beginners, but it is also quite good for intermediate surfers. 

The BIC Sport DURA-TEC Wahine Surfboard is definitely durable. You can feel it as soon as you touch the surfboard and once you are inside the water. For some reason, surfers would really feel the stability and durability of the surfboard when it is in use during surfing.

I know it may sound too subjective, but try to use it and certainly, you will know what I am talking about!

In addition, it has an integrated 3D tail pad that provides maximum traction, comfort, and control. Not only that, its fin set up is a thruster tri-fin and can be converted as quad fin as well. I’m not sure if this matters to you, but yes, it is bulletproof.


  • It has cool designs and comes in nice colors.
  • It is very durable 
  • It is great for beginners and advanced riders alike.


  • It can be a little too heavy.
  • It can be quite intimidating to use
  • Some features are not really useful for beginners

Things You Should Know Before Buying the Best Surfboard for Beginners 

The best surfboard for beginners can be challenging to find. Aside from the fact that newbies and beginners are first-timers in the field, the range of products today in the market is quite wide.

And with these things at hand, it is wise for you to understand the factors that could affect the quality of the product as well as the factors that have a huge impact on your buying decisions.

So, in this guide, I also included the things that you should consider and know before going out to buy the surfboard that is right and appropriate for you.

1. Surfing Frequency 

So, we already know you are a beginner surfer. Now, the next question is, how often will you surf? Once or twice a year? A total of a week in a year? At least once a month? A few days a month? Or every week? The answer to this question will dictate the kind of surfboard you should invest in.

Although it is really needed for you to consider the durability of the surfboard, it is still wise for you to know your surfing frequencies. But keep in mind that, as a beginner, you will really need to practice a lot. And this is essential, especially if you really want to improve your skills. Besides, most people who buy surfboards are largely the ones who really want to excel in this field.

2. Surfer Weight 

When choosing for the best surfboard for beginners, it is always a must that you consider your weight, height, and fitness. Apparently, these factors play an important role in your surfing activities as well as in your surfboard shopping.

If you are under 200 pounds, you might want to consider picking smaller boards because they will be easier to manipulate and you will find it more comfortable to paddle in them. If you are over 200 pounds (Represent!), you should choose a longer and thicker board. But the general rule? Always go with a larger surfboard.

Now, when you are already decided to purchase your chosen surfboard, make sure that you bring with you your measurements. Yes, you may have already decided which is the one that you like the most, but, most of the time, sellers and salesmen would require these things from you before buying.

It may be surprising for others but actually, it’s not. And know that this is just fitting because sellers would know best what’s really the ideal surfboards for you.

3. Surfboard Size (Length, Width, and Volume) 

In relation to the weight and height, one of the things that you will be able to get out of it is the appropriate surfboard size for you.

As a general rule, beginners should look for surfboards sized accordingly to their weight and height. And just by following this rule, you can already end up with the best surfboard for beginners of today. But, no matter the size, it should be stable, easy to control, and you should find it comfortable to paddle on it.

Surfboard Size

The volume of your surfboard is the amount of space it occupies. If your board does not have enough volume, then it cannot catch as many waves because it cannot produce speed due to increasing resistance, or in surfing speak, drag.

On the other hand, if your board has too much volume, it will feel bulky and you will have a hard time to manipulate it. Knowing the right surfboard volume for you can be obtained through your personal preference, body weight, experience, age, fitness and skill levels, and even your riding style.

4. Price and Package Inclusions

As I have mentioned earlier, the range of surfboards nowadays on the market is quite wide. And because of the variation of brands, types, and styles, prices may vary as well. But even so, it is largely up to you whether you choose the most expensive types or the cheapest ones.

It is always important for you to note that expensive does not necessarily mean quality. And the same thing applies when buying the cheapest. Accordingly, inexpensive surfboards do not explicitly mean that they are low-quality types. As a matter of fact, there are budget-friendly boards that are seen by many as the best surfboard for beginners of today.

In relation to the price and cost, you may want to check as well the package inclusions. There are actually packages that can already provide everything that you will need in surfing along with the tools that you will need in order to maintain the quality of the surfboard.

On the other hand, there are packages as well that would only include the surfboard alone. Although this is pretty a personal preference, my advice is that you should look for a package that already comes with the maintenance tools.

5. Surfboard Brand

Another important thing that you should consider before buying your surfboard is the brand. Apparently, there are tons of brands today that offer this kind of product. And just by knowing them and their respective reputations in the field, you can already decide which board is the best one for you and for your surfing needs.

The ones that I included in this list are typically the brands that are quite prominent in the industry. But, you should be well-aware that brand is not the only basis of the quality. In addition, surfboard brands of today offer several types and kinds of boards.

You may want to utilize these product ranges because each product line has its own specialization and distinct feature. But while brands can be really helpful, it should not be the main thing to consider.

So, it is quite safe to say that considering the brand of the surfboard is just one of the many helpful things to help you in making your buying decisions.

I Am Nothing But a Beginner Surfer, So I Choose… 

Giantex 6' Surfboard

The Gold Coast Surfboards Soft Top Surfboard 7’ Ruccus Surfboard is the best surfboard for beginners. Using this surfboard was so comfortable. Whenever I fell off, I can easily climb back up and try again because the stability and support it gave me were just right. It felt comfortable to paddle. It was also easy to maneuver. I truly enjoyed my time in the water with it.

And because of my experience with this surfboard, I was able to see how it fits me and my skill accordingly.

In totality, being a beginner in the surfing world is quite challenging. From learning all the basics and understanding all the things that there is to know when choosing the right surfboards, it is already a lot!

But, there is no need for you to worry or be intimidated. In actuality, there are quite a lot of ways that you can use and apply. And this guide may be one of them!