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SereneLife Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board Review

Acting as an arguably more leisurely and less stressful alternative to traditional surfing, stand-up paddle boarding attracts hundreds of thousands of new participants every year. If you are among those participants and are serious about properly experiencing the sport, you owe it to yourself to go with a high-quality stand-up paddle board as opposed to a subpar model with no alluring benefits beyond a low price tag.

Don’t get us wrong, it is indeed possible for a beginner to find a reliable stand-up paddle board without draining their bank account, as is proven by the Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board from SereneLife. In this article, we’re going to be examining everything the SereneLife Stand-up Paddle Board has to offer, discussing why it may appeal to a newcomer to the sport more than alternative models on the market right now.

SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Beginner Friendly

If you’re searching for a stand-up paddle board that’s good for beginners, you’re going to have a hard time finding a model that fits the bill better than the SereneLife Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board. Rarely exceeding $400 in price, this is a great choice for newcomers to the sport who aren’t entirely certain it is right for them. Parents also often choose this paddle board over the many $500 plus alternatives for their children, ensuring they aren't too much out of pocket if – or, perhaps more accurately, when – their child’s interest in SUP fades.

For your money, you’ll receive the inflatable stand-up paddle board itself, along with an adjustable paddle, a coiled ankle cuff, a hand pump, and a heavy-duty carrying bag for easy storage and transportation. SereneLife even includes a repair kit with each purchase of this board, so you’ll be able to remedy any rips or tears which may occur. With these complete accessories to help you make the most of your board, your development as a stand-up paddle boarder is limited only by your determination and aspirations.

Wide Stance Design

SereneLife designed its inflatable stand-up paddle board with total novices in mind, which is why the board features a wide-stance design. This wide design lends itself perfectly to learning the art of stand-up paddle boarding as it grants the rider greater maneuverability and stability, allowing them to glide across the water with minimal effort. This stability is furthered by the board’s non-slip deck, which reduces the risk of the rider falling from the board even when its surface has become covered in water.

Complimenting this iSUP’s wide-stance design and unique non-slip deck is its tri-fin design. Its triple bottom panel fins increase the speed with which the rider moves through the water, granting it a performance far beyond what stand-up paddle boarders have come to expect from inflatable beginner boards. These fins also make for smoother handling and easy steering, taking the stress out of turning, which many SUP novices find to be the most stressful part of the sport.


Inflatable stand-up paddle boards have their fair share of pros and cons, but they are undeniably superior to hard stand-up paddle boards when it comes to transportation. The SereneLife Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board is no exception to that rule and can be easily moved from place to place when not in use. The aforementioned heavy-duty carrying bag which SereneLife includes with every purchase of this board further simplifies its transportation.

 Of course, there are some situations in which you don’t want your board to move quite so easily. With that in mind, SereneLife fitted its Inflatable Stand-up paddle board with tie-down bungee cords, which can be relied upon to hold the board in place atop the roof of your car or by the shore.
SereneLife packed up

Despite the ease with which it can be transported, this stand-up paddle board comes in at 10 feet in length with 30 inches of deck space when fully inflated, granting the rider plenty of room to move around and steady themselves as they ride the waves. It boasts a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds, meaning it can be relied upon by children and adults alike to master stand-up paddle boarding.

Inflation and Deflation

Inflatable paddle boards are quite different from the inflatable dinghies and crocodiles that casual holiday-makers often take with them to the beach. Larger and more durable, they cannot be inflated by mouth (unless you have the lungs of an opera singer, and we’re going to assume you don’t).

Thankfully, SereneLife packages this inflatable stand-up paddle board with a free hand pump, which can be used to fully inflate the board in as timely a manner as possible, giving you more time to enjoy the waves. When you have finished in the water and are ready to begin the journey home, the board can easily be deflated by hand and neatly packed away in the accompanying free carrying bag.

serenelife top full board


While we wouldn’t be so bold as to label any inflatable stand-up paddle board as the absolute best inflatable stand-up paddle board for beginners, we are willing to say that the SereneLife Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board has a legitimate claim to that title. Portable despite its large size, this board is perfect for children traveling to stand-up paddle board lessons, while its maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds means it is just as suited to adult newcomers to the sport.

The plethora of accessories with which it comes packaged means the board can be used right out of the box (inflate it first!) without need for spending another couple of hundred dollars on a paddle, a pump, and the other accessories which are essential if you want to make the most out of a stand-up paddle board. Add all of this to the wide-stance design and non-slip deck and the SereneLife Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board is arguably the perfect board to ignite and maintain a novice’s passion for stand-up paddle boarding.

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